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tiple pairs of socks, the thicker the better. Known as "scrunch" socks in the 80s, these are especially fashionable if you sw itch up the sock order. For example, pull on a blue and then red sock on one foot, then red and blue in the opposite order on the other foot. Push them down so that the sock material "scrunches" around your ankles and up your calves. 5 Scrunch your h air. In the 1980s, hair scrunching had two different meanings. It applied to the mousse and gel people used to get their hair astrological fonts download as big as possible, and it also referred to the thick elastic bands, called "scrunchies," that were essential apparel for an yone with enough hair to gather. Dress up your ponytail by gathering it directly on top of your head or anchoring it on one s bronze sand casting process ide -- no sedate braids or nape of the neck ponytails allowed. Then slide on a multi-colored scrunchie that matches your outf .

, paint-splattered look -- are an ideal way to complete your outfit. Add a couple of safety pins hooked through with beads fo r an edge.1 Pick a bra or corset top with appropriate coverage. If you want more than just a bra, opt for a body-shaping cors et that will give you the illusion of a thinner, trimmer figure. Find a bra or corset that does not peek out of your dress; g o strapless if your dress is strapless or has thin straps. 2 Choose panties that don't leave you with the dreaded visible pan opera desktop icon tie line or that are too tight and dig into your skin, giving you unflattering and needless rolls of skin. Consider the color of your panties; wearing dark panties with a light dress is often disastrous. 3 Choose Spanx or another type of support hose bronze sand casting process that keep your thighs and waist looking thin and flab-free. A neutral color such as nude or tan will keep the support wear f .

id. Secure with an elastic band and wrap with a pretty bow. You can design several versions of this basic style. You can loop the braids over the head to the other ear and secure with bobby pins, or loop back under the same ear and secure with elasti c creating a hoop shape. Or you tie hair into a pigtail and wrap with ribbon and then braid the ribbon into the hair. French Braid A classic style and a little more difficult to master, the French braid picks up hair as you complete the braid. The cu photoshop sidewalk textures stomary style starts the braid in the front of the face, leaving the bangs out, and braiding along the center part line to th e back to the ends of the hair before you secure it with a band. Several versions exist for this design, however. You can tuc bronze sand casting process k the ends underneath the braid at the nape of the neck and secure it with pins, or you can braid to the nape of the neck and .

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