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the ball, you have a choice between wearing a tuxedo or a dark suit such as black, gray or navy blue. If you are attending wi th a date, the suit should complement the dress she is wearing. The shoes should be polished and clean, and the suit pressed and wrinkle-free. Stay away from ties that are too loud to maintain a look of elegance. Conservative Attire Overall, if atten ding a military ball, you want your attire to be conservative. This means nothing too bright, flashy or revealing. When it co word budget template free mes to hair and makeup, you want it to be complimentary without being overdone. Remember that this is a formal military event and your entire appearance should be one that is tasteful and classy.1 Select your language and country on the Nike website, bronze casting processes forkids and click the "NIKEiD" button in the middle of the top row.A new screen will open with the customization interface.At the ti .

age. 2 Click on the words "Start Blank" to the left of the shoe. This makes the shoe gray and allows you to choose colors for all fields of the shoe. Notice to the right that the progress bar reads zero out of some number. The number to the right ind icates the number of fields remain to be customized. 3 Hover over the bottom of the shoe until the name "Midsole" pops up. Cl ick "Midsole." Choose a midsole style from the choices listed, and then choose a color, such as cherry, volt or white. Once y 3d model from images ou choose, the status bar on the right will show one task completed. 4 Hover over another section of the shoe and click on it so another dialog box appears. Follow the same procedure you did with the midsole, and continue until the progress meter rea bronze casting processes forkids ches the maximum. Click "What's Left?" if you need help finding remaining fields to customize. 5 Hover over the tongue area o .

uality. 7 Click the button "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout to purchase shoes. Nike will deliver your custom shoes withi n four weeks.1 Buy or acquire a leotard pattern. Patterns for leotards can be in a variety of styles, such as the traditional low back and scoop neck, or modified into a halter or long-sleeved. 2 Buy leotard fabric, liner, elastic and any other mater ials called for by the pattern. Popular fabrics include cotton lycra and tactel nylon lycra. 3 Take the measurements of the w free 3d model microwave earer's body using a soft measuring tape. Specifically measure the upper leg circumference, waist, hips and the length of the torso, both front and back. 4 Cut out the pattern pieces for the leotard according to the measurements. Lay out the leotard bronze casting processes forkids fabric and liner fabric on a flat surface. Place the pattern pieces on top of both fabrics. Pin down with straight pins. Cut .

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